About Ians Cleaning Services

Ians Carpet Cleaning is home to some of the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Our cleaning team is known throughout Melbourne and Canberra for the excellence and perfection they show in their carpet cleaning work. Carpets are an integral part of everyone’s home decor and spoiled & dirty carpets can ruin that decor in minutes. No matter how much effort to put into making your home look clean, dirty carpets become the hurdle. This is where our services begin. We hate dirty carpets as much as you do and ought to clean them to the core with our specialized services. Our 360 solutions cater to all your carpet cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Ians Carpet Cleaning uses the latest technology and best cleaning solutions to make your carpets sanitised and spotless. Cleaning agents that we use are eco-friendly that neither do any damage to the carpet fibres nor do they cause any allergies to kids and pets. We use the best-proven techniques on your carpets such as carpet steam cleaning to the removal of stains and dirt. We also use carpet dry cleaning depending on the types of carpet fibres. Whether you want commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning in Melbourne and Canberra, we know how to it to perfection.

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If you want excellent results for carpet cleaning as well as a number of other services, get in contact with our qualified crew. We are available seven days a week to accept appointments and provide our services. We can assist with carpet steam cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and carpet repairs.