Carpet Sanitizing

My carpet had to suffer the most when we were giving toilet training to our little princess. We wanted a cleaner who could thoroughly sanitize the carpet and remove all stains. Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provided what we were looking for.
- Wheelers

”Satisfactory Result”

I would always choose Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne whenever my carpet gets damaged by flood water. I recently hired them and received a satisfactory result from the team of Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne at my home in Melbourne. They can remove the issue from the root. They asses the carpets properly and analyze the degree of damage before treating it. Excellent customer service and remarkable professionalism established by everyone. Thank you guys for providing a wonderful service to me. I would highly recommend them to all friends and family. They are not very pricey too. Thank you
- Emma

"Very Affordable"

I would like to recommend this company to everyone who is in search of the finest and affordable carpet cleaning company in the town. They are not all pricey. They provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services. When I called them I was really amazed by the quote they suggested me so just to check what kind of quality service they provide in this price I booked them. For my surprise, they proved me wrong and provided an excellent service. Within no time my carpet looked like new. I think this is a perfect carpet cleaning company. You will get full value for your money. So go for it.
- Isla

"Best Services At The Cheapest Price"

Really, Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has certified workers. They delivered professional carpet repair services. I am really fascinated by them. They rendered me the best services at the cheapest price. Thank you!!
- Isabella

Emergency Carpet Flood Restoration Service

We were totally devastated with the sudden flood that came unexpectedly a few days back. But thankfully, we got help from Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne who ensured that our expensive carpets were not destroyed due to the flood. They provided an emergency carpet flood restoration service at just one call. And they saved us from a big loss. Thank you guys.
- Aiden

Ultimate Destination for Carpet Cleaning Solutions

In my past 4 years in Melbourne, I have explored that Ians Carpet Cleaning is the ultimate destination for carpet cleaning solutions. Carpet steam cleaning, carpet water restoration, carpet stain removal, carpet repair, carpet odor removal – they do it all under one roof and they do a good job.
- Xavier

Quick Drying of Carpets

Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provided such professional carpet cleaning that I was left speechless. Even the drying process was so quick that I didn’t have to wait much before we could use the carpet again. Thanks.
- Bruce Hocking

"First Class Company"

I get the best Carpet Cleaning Services at a really affordable price. They hand me the excellent cleaning services. Clients are their primary priority and to mandate them the immeasurable services they provided us with the high-grade carpet cleaning services. First Class Company! Thank You
- Sofia

"Excellent Job"

We get excellent and top-notch carpet cleaning services from (carpet cleaning). At a really affordable cost. And we surely recommend them to all of you. Excellent job! Thank You
- Sofia

Flawless Job!

I was amazed to such a flawless carpet cleaning service being done in front of eyes. I could not believe that those tough stains could be ever removed and that too with such perfection. Simply amazing! Hats off to the entire team of Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, I think no one can beat their carpet cleaning skills.
- Sienna

Courteous and nice nature

Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne the team has been providing cleaning services to us for a long time and they have been beyond excellent in it! Their courteous and nice nature makes you feel comfortable and they are flexible as well. Their professional attitude helps in making sure that the services they provide are always top notch! Highly recommended.
- kwele

"Office Carpet Cleaning"

My office interiors got a new look with their impeccable cleaning services by Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. We got what we wanted. – Mikhail
- Mikhail

Urgent Mattress Cleaning

Paul from Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne came to our home in Middle Melbourne and delivered a fantastic mattress cleaning service. Though it was an urgent call, his attention to detail was noticeable. His passion to provide a flawless service leaving no stone unturned is what makes all the difference as compared to other service providers. Thank you!
- - Jarrod Vanderzalm

Superb Carpet Repair Services

Seeing your carpet tear is one of the worst sights especially when the carpet is just 2-3 years old. But many thanks to Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne that offered me affordable solutions and delivered superb carpet repair services. I am glad to have found this company as now my carpets would stay in decent shape size.
- George

Carpet Cleaning Wizards!

Ians Carpet Cleaning does a first-rate carpet cleaning in Melbourne irrespective of the size of the property. I have personally used their services for my home and my office. They are punctual, good in carpet cleaning, well-mannered, and economical. What else can you ask for! They are one of the best professional cleaners of Melbourne.
- Amelia

Utmost care

I have owned a company which may huge in size, once for a cleaning purpose for office room itself it needs around 5 peoples, usually I approached the Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for cleaning purpose they took utmost care and finish the work as earlier as possible and also they don’t hesitate while sending more numbers also.
- Henry Ava

Awesome performance by Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

I own the only hardware repairing shop in the locality and as such, people swarm all over my establishment, and my carpet bears the brunt of the extreme dirt. I was recommended to try Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, and I was mesmerized by the professional carpet cleaning services of Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Simply the best!
- Brock Casey

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning

I must recommend this carpet cleaning service.It gave me very satishfied result.My home carpet had got sticky stain which was very tough.I called other service but they couldn't remove it .Then i called this sk service and the result is fantastic.
- Joy

"Fantastic Carpet Services"

Looking for a top-notch carpet cleaning service providing company? Call Ians Cleaning Services. They are the best carpet cleaners from the rest. I am very happy with the service which i took from them. I really appreciate their work.
- Frankie Cook

Carpet Cleaning Pro

One could easily call them a PRO! Because they are so professional in carpet cleaning that it feels that they are doing it out of immense passion for the job. I love to see the team work so dedicatedly with my carpets. I always use their services for my home carpets. – Anna
- Anna

Excellent Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty and stained very often and homely methods are not effective enough. So I thought of finding out cheap professional carpet cleaners and found Ians Carpet Cleaning. I never expected an excellent service at such a cheap price but I am very happy to say that quality is their biggest asset. Thanks!
- Zoe


Yesterday I had my carpets steam cleaned by Ians cleaners, what an amazing job, would recommend to anybody who need carpet cleaning done. Same day service and competitive pricing. Loved the prompt service.
- Julian

"Fantastic Carpet Services"

I was in so much stress that I could not thank enough to Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for doing a commendable carpet flood damage restoration service at my home. An unexpected storm it was and we were out of our senses. After a few hours, someone suggested to call these people and save our carpets from permanent damage. And I am so glad that they were here. All our carpets were saved. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
- Edgar Lirazan

Healthy Carpet Cleaning

With Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne you not just get carpet cleaning but healthy carpet cleaning. They have a simple motto not to make the environment dirty while cleaning the dirt from the earth. So they do not use any strong chemicals that could leave any footprints on the environment. And this gives additional advantage as the cleaning products they use are safe for my family and pets too. I always use their healthy carpet cleaning services for my precious carpets.
- Michael

"Absolutely Recommendable"

I was satisfied with their carpet steam cleaning services. They also gave me a 40% discount on the cleaning service. I am happy to recommend this company to my friends and relatives. They used effective cleaning solutions to clean carpet. Thank you!
- Lee

Professional, friendly and helpful team

I can not believe our carpet would look great after Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne came for service. the carpet was very dirty. The service is fast, professional, friendly and definitely very competitive rates. I highly recommended the Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to everyone that deserves to have the cleanest carpet in their house. Thank you so much for the job well.
- Heath Ledger
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