How to keep your carpets clean in between cleaning

Accumulation of dust, dirt and grime in your carpet fibres can make your carpet look extremely stained and filthy. This is why you need to maintain your carpet for maintaining the overall look of the carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Here are some ways to keep your carpets clean in between cleaning sessions.

  1. Cut the source of dirt and dust-

To maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, make sure that you take proactive steps and cut the main source from where dirt and dust enter your property. This will help your carpets to stay dust-free for a long time.

  1. Vacuum and clean your carpets-

For best results, make vacuum cleaning a daily habit.  The frequency of vacuum cleaning depends on the number of people who stay in your home and the amount of foot traffic to which your carpet is exposed to.

Also, while vacuum cleaning, ensure that all the dirt and dust are sucked in and cleaned. Also, it is very important to utilise the proper attachments for getting the expected results.

  1. Clean the stains immediately-

The most appropriate way of cleaning the stains is to do it right away.  As soon as a blemish appears on your carpet, make sure that you dab it with water or a cleaning solution and avoid scrubbing the blemish. Also, remember that the cloth which you use should be clean and there should be no dirt or dust on that cloth. Also, prefer using a white cloth to avoid the transfer of colours.

However, if the blemish does not get washed away, then you can consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne for getting the best results.

  1. Keep the rugs in places with high foot traffic-

For extra layer of protection, you can add an extra layer of protection on your carpet by keeping some rugs and runners in high-foot traffic areas like the hallways, entry points, living room, dining room and more.

These rugs will reduce stains and avoid wear and tear on the carpets while keeping them clean for a long.

  1. Rearrange your furniture-

Keeping rugs can help you in hiding your damaged carpet. However, rearranging the furniture can help you in preventing wear and tear on your carpets.  So, by changing the furniture regularly, you can distribute the wear and tear which happens to the carpet. Or, you can hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Melbourne for amazing results.

  1. Take off your shoes before stepping on the carpet-

If you wish to keep your carpets clean for a long time, then you might consider having a no-shoes policy for your carpets. You can ask your family members, guests or visitors, to step on the carpet without wearing shoes.  This can help you to keep your carpet away from dust, grime, germs and filth of the shoes and make them look spotlessly clean.

Changing to a no-shoes might be a bit difficult for your family members, or for your guests. So, you might place a shoe rack in your entrance so that the guests or even your family members can enter the room without any hassle.

  1. Wear your socks-

Although you need to avoid wearing shoes on the carpet, still it is always recommended to wear socks while stepping on your carpet. Remember that your feet might be sweaty, or might have some dust which might as well get transferred to your carpet.  To prevent this, you can wear your socks which are clean and can keep your carpets away from accumulating of dirt, dust, grime and allergens.

  1. Skip tough and harsh detergents-

You may have been tempted to use carpet detergents to eradicate unwanted odours, smells and filth from your carpet. However, you should avoid doing that. The powdered detergents are extremely harsh and might also damage the carpet fibres.  Instead, you might consider investing in professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne which can give you proper results by using highly effective and sustainable cleaning solutions.

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